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How to Make Money on YouTube: Get 1000 Subs To monetize Fast 2018

Posted in Earn Money, Freelancer5 months ago • Written by Jamshaid Raza1 Comment

You are looking for how to make money on YouTube. Yes that article is about the new important updates to the YouTube Partner Program 2018. In this policy you are no longer allowed to monetize your channel unless you have minimum 1000 Subscribers and 4000 watch time in one year. Before, YouTube monetize was easy you just need to complete 10,000 views on your all videos. There were no restriction on having subscribers and watch time. Therefore, to earn money from YouTube in 2018 is not easy. You should work hard and make valuable content to boost your earning.

How to Make Money on YouTube fast?

Make money on YouTube

Make money on YouTube

If you are asking about to make money on YouTube fast . Then you are thinking completely wrong. Don’t think about whatever you are doing it will make you earn money. It is always not right. But the good news is that you can make money on YouTube.  You have to work hard. Make quality content. Initially it is difficult to increase Subscribers fast. but with the passage of time your subscribers will start increasing. You must have passion that what you are doing. Further, consistency will improve your quality of your work by time. Just move forward and don’t think about to make money on YouTube fast. Your videos will automatically start earning money. It is quite long wait game now.


How to get 4000 watch time?

Since you just Need 4000 watch time in 12 months. It is not a problem. You can easily get more then 4000 watch time. In my channel (Professional Tutorial) I have more then 45,000 watch time only in 28 days. Therefore, in one year a small channel can easily accomplish the required watch time. It means you have not to worry about watch time.

Watch time in 28 days

Watch time in 28 days

If we see average watch time then it is approximately 2 minute per views. If any one come to your channel or video and only spend 2 minute then you can easily complete required watch time.

Last 28 Days YouTube Statistics

Last 28 Days YouTube Statistics

How to get 1000 Subscribers?

When you are going to start your new channel it is quite difficult to get subscribers. But you can apply some strategies for initial subscribers. These are some of my tips which I have applies in my channel to gain subscribers and make money on YouTube.

1. Ask you friend and family members to subscriber

Sometime we feel shy to ask family member for the video which you have upload in YouTube to watch. But you must say to you family member and friends in your social network that you have create new channel. And they must subscribe. You cannot believe that Khan Academy CEO Salman Khan was making video for his family members. He was making videos about the solution of the problems when their relatives were asking about. And slowly other people also start searching about same problem. Therefore Salman Khan now has his own organization. Where he teaches every subject.

2. Start Sharing your video in Relevant Groups

There are many social network website. Like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit and snapshot. And the category which you are making videos, share that in those groups. When people find that useful. They will also spend more time watching your videos and they will also subscribers in your channel. Therefore, Market your videos. I don’t mean time spend money on marketing but use free social media groups.

3. Content is King don’t ignore that

You already now that content is king. It means you have to make quality content. And try to explain everything with simple steps. Make the quality of video at least 720p. Use good quality sound. When you are going to make premium quality content and provide that for free. Everyone will subscribe your channel. Therefore, don’t ignore technical advantage to boost your channel and start to make money on YouTube fast.


When you are making your YouTube channel don’t think about to make money on YouTube first. Just think about in what areas you are good at. And start making videos on that. After sometime you will see that money automatically will generates. But is not fast strategy. You have to make long term strategy to boost your earning. When you are going to make money on YouTube. It will be passive money. It means you can make money on YouTube while you are sleeping. Isn’t it a dream. Then change your dream to reality and wake up and start hard work right now.
Further, if you have any question or you want to add something else don’t hesitate to write in comment box below.

Related Questions:

Q. How many views on YouTube till you get paid

A. The estimate earning and to make money on YouTube differs on views of video. Because different countries pay different prices for advertisement. For example the countries like Australia, America and UK pays more then countries like India, Pakistan and Indonesia etc. But according to once estimate YouTube Pays $1 on 1000 views.

Q. How to earn money from YouTube by uploading videos

A. You cannot make money on YouTube only by uploading videos but uploading more video will generate more revenues. However, If think that the numbers of videos help you in earning then it is not right.

Q. How to enable monetization on YouTube

A. You can enable monetization after getting 1000 Subscribers and 4000 watch time in 12 month.

How to Make Money on YouTube: Get 1000 Subs To monetize Fast 2018
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