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Should I Invest in Bitcoin? Bitcoin Investment Strategy to Earn Money 2018

Posted in Earn Money6 months ago • Written by Jamshaid Raza3 Comments

Bitcoin is most important Cryptocurrency. It’s high pick lead everyone to think to invest in Bitcoin. The real question is that should you invest in bitcoin in 2018 and is it profitable? The answer is simple in every business there are risk of losing and earning at the same time. But understanding the business and working on right track will lead one towards success definitely. Therefore, if you are going to invest in bitcoin you have to research that what is actually bitcoin and how it is working.

Should I invest in Bitcoin in 2018?

Invest in Bitcoin

Invest in Bitcoin

The first word for investing in bitcoin is that, yes you should invest in bitcoin in 2018. Because most of expert in Cryptocurrency believe that bitcoin will gain huge pick in 2018 and it is profitable. however, there are some potential bitcoin bubble driven by the unpredictable and speculative nature of its trading, noting it was worth around US$2,000 early this year and only US$1 at times in 2011. And 22 December 2017 it drops from $2000 to $1100. There are many countries which have banned bitcoin. Therefore, no one is understanding that how it is working. there may be possibilities of scamming people with bitcoin then how should we report the scam. Because it has no involvement or rule and regulation under government. every single transition hasn’t required any documentations. Therefore, you don’t know where it is going and from where it is coming. Therefore, most of illegal financial activities are now days dealing with bitcoin which is crucial and dramatic. it means there are two sides either loss everything or get profit as much as no one has ever done before.

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How intelligently invest in Bitcoin?

There are many investors in bitcoin which are earning quite handsome money. Some investors believe that there most be some simple strategy about selling and buying bitcoins. Bitcoins regularly go up and down. when it does down then buy it and when it go up sell it vice versa. And wait for next drop and buy again and when it takes moment then sell it back. There are different benefits about that strategy. First you will not loss money when it goes down. Secondly, your profit is less when you sell after reaching on top. Therefore, that strategy is useful if you are afraid about losing all your money. However, you can earn less but it will be safe, in a sense that when it drops you will not loss huge amount. therefore, most of people prefer that techniques. And you can invest in bitcoin and at the same time you can also make profit too.

Moreover, there is another strategy to invest in Bitcoin. In that strategy the investor buy bitcoin and will not sell it quickly. They will wait to huge pick in price and when the price goes very high then they will sell it. But, there is a chance that it may decrease in value to much and there is great loss in investment.


Every business and investment has both profit or loss. But, with strong understanding and planned strategy anyone can get the profit. If you have any question or better strategy for bitcoin you can write that in comment box bellow.

Should I Invest in Bitcoin? Bitcoin Investment Strategy to Earn Money 2018
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