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Freelancer Payment Method in Pakistan

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Freelancer is one of the best platform for earning online money in Pakistan. There are paramount categories where one can opt and work on particular field. However, Most of project and contest in freelancer is related to IT and technology related job. Being Pakistani Freelancer can fulfill all requirement of any IT person. However, there are some problem related to Freelancer Payment Method in Pakistan for new user. Let’s talk about that.

Freelancer Payment Method in Pakistan

New Freelancer in Pakistan get projects and win contests with different challenges and problems. And when they start earning some money then they will face difficulties to withdraw Payment in Pakistan. However good news is that you can withdraw your money any where in Pakistan and even you can withdraw your money from freelancer to local back account as well. There are also different payment options which are available in Pakistan like you can take your money using Payoneer, Express withdrawal,Skrill, Paypal ( not available in Pakistan ) and Wire Transfer.

freelancer payment method

freelancer payment method

Which Freelancer Payment method is best for you?

Let’s Talk in detail that which freelancer payment method is best for you in Pakistan. We have all available payment methods which you have to read and find the best which suit you.

  • Express Withdrawal
  • Paypal
  • Skrill (MoneyBookers)
  • Wire Transfer
  • Freelancer Debit Card (Preferable)

Express Withdrawal Payment option

Express Withdrawal is of the best payment option which is fast method to withdraw funds directly to your local back account. However it is only available select countries. Therefore, Pakistani cannot use Express withdrawal Payment option.

Paypal for freelancer

Every freelancer know that Paypal is not available in Pakistan. Because there are some specific reason therefore, we cannot use Paypal. However, there are many methods where you can make Paypal account in Pakistan and you can withdraw as well. but I don’t recommend for new freelancer to use Paypal. There are high risk of loosing your money and hard work.

Skrill Payment withdrawal

Skrill is also one of freelancer payment method available which previously know as MoneyBookers. Most of freelancer take advantage of Skrill as well.

Wire Transfer Payment Method

Wire Transfer Payment Method is also one of best option for freelancer in Pakistan. However, for Wire Transfer one must have at least USD $500. Where it takes USD $25 on per transaction. It means if you are going to withdraw $2000 still freelancer will take $25. Therefore, wire transfer can save you a lot more if you have big projects in freelancer.

Freelancer Debit Card

Freelancer Debit Card also know as Payoneer Debit Card an great option for Freelancer in Pakistan. Because Payoneer has many option where you can get your master card and you can withdraw your money any time any where in local ATM. Further with the help of Payoneer you can also send your money to your local bank account one of lowest fee charges. Suppose you are withdrawing money from freelancer to Payoneer. It only charges you $2 on per withdraw. Therefore, I am strongly recommend to register to and get your Master card right now.

Register for your Payoneer card


If you have further question related to payment method in Pakistan related to freelancer you can ask in comment I will be back to your query as soon as possible.

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