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How To Earn Money from Youtube 2018 – The Easiest Way

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It is everyone’s desire to earn money form online platform. Most of people Earn money from YouTube by uploading different videos according their interest. However, the main question is that. Is working on YouTube as a YouTube creator profitable?Because there are a lot of various platform where people upload videos. One of such great resources are online teaching. They are also giving most of percentage to instructors. Those websites includes Udemy, skillshare and teachable. I myself working on skillshare and Udemy which needs same effort and energy and the profit from those website are comparably more high. But may be for different people it could be a different case.

How To Earn Money From YouTube Views

YouTube views are most important to earn money on YouTube. Because as much as people watch your video it will get more popularity. It is mostly estimated that on 1000 views YouTube gets 1$. But is not correct always. Because geography of views also depend on earning more cent when someone watch 1000 views. Moreover, most of the advertisers are from United State (US), United Kingdom (UK) and Australia etc. Therefore, when user browse videos from those countries gets more profit on 1000 views.

Earn money from youtube

Earn money from YouTube

How To Enable Monetization on YouTube

Before 2017 there were no restriction on how many views required for monetization. However, now it requires 11000 views for starting and enabling monetization on YouTube. Monetization means to enable advertisement in videos. When someone’s click on that ads then you will earn extra money and it counts on CPC (Cost Per Click). Therefore, complete YouTube system work on views and clicks on ads.

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How Many Views on YouTube Till You Get Paid

Let’s take it simple and say that what is the minimum amount where we can withdraw money from YouTube and you can get paid. Simply, YouTube takes your earning from YouTube to Adsense account. When you Adsense riches to $100 then you will be eligible to withdraw your money to your local bank account anywhere in the world.

How To Earn Money From YouTube without Adsense

Most of YouTubers are earning money without even happening Adsense enable or you can say that they haven’t enable monetization at all. But, how they are earning from YouTube videos. Some YouTuber use affiliate marketing to  promote softwares, movies and different other products. And when users buy those products from affiliate links the YouTuber will get commission. That is why YouTuber earn money without Adsense.


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